Tom's Presentation Topics

The Border War

From 1854 to 1861 the confrontation between Missouri citizens and Kansas Territorial abolitionists , evolved and transformed. The strife went through several changes. The aggressor role shifted from Missouri to Kansas. Learn the facts and the drama!

Caught Between Three Fires

From 1860 to 1865 Cass County, Missouri families were trapped in the middle of three burning fires, Unionism, Secessionism, and an undying border war. This presentation focuses on the personal stories of families and communities surrounded by violence and hatred. The true history lives in the stories of the common folks who lived here.

Cinders and Silence

Step into Missouri’s most difficult period along the Kansas border. Learn what happened during the Border War and Civil War in western Missouri. Explore the reasons why the history has been lost and learn about the burnt district’s legacies.

Order No. 11’s Refugee Exodus

The painful refugee exodus following Order No. 11 lives in the stories of real people driven out of western Missouri. Walk the roads as Rafiner tells true stories. Each member of the audience receives a personal copy of the “Cass County Refugee Exodus” mural.

R.L.Y. Peyton

Learn who R.L.Y. Peyton was and why you should care about him. This fiery western Missourian led the Secessionist faction during the Border War and early Civil War. Peyton, a Harrisonville attorney and State Senator, was a powerful presence during a terrible time. Meet Peyton, and travel through the border troubles and Civil War with him.

Sharpe's Rifle

This weapon transformed the 1850s battlefield. See a real “Beecher’s Bible.” Learn why the rifle’s invention and presence had a dramatic impact on western Missouri history.