Quantrill and Cass County

Cass County's Civil War history is tightly woven and cemented to that of William C. Quantrill.  The roster of Quantrill's Raiders is filled with the names of the county's men and boys.  Several of Quantrill's notable battles and skirmishes occurred in Cass County.  "Caught Between Three Fires" chronicles local members and events. Buy the book.

Read about Cole Younger, Lon Railey, Archie Clements, Given Horrn, the Hall brothers, and the Hamilton brothers.  Equally important is the story of Larkin Skaggs, the only member of Quantrill's Raiders to die in Lawrence during the raid of August 21, 1863.

The Battle of the Ravines, the Ox Train Massacre, and the skirmish at the Lotspeiche farm all occurred in Cass County.  The details of these events are told in this history.

Quantrill's Lawrence Massacre, August 21, 1863, entered and exited Kansas through Cass County.  Cass County first felt the wrath of the Kansan's revenge.

"Caught Between Three Fires" fills in many blanks regarding William Quantrill's Civil War history.