About Caught Between Three Fires

Caught Between Three Fires

For 11 years astride the Missouri – Kansas border, Cass County endured the vortex of our nation’s most violent conflict. Families struggled between three raging fires, Secessionism, Unionism, and an undying border war. Cass County’s uncivil war, intimate, cruel, and total, suffered no man, woman, or child to escape loss or injury – their individual stories weave history’s fabric. Violent circumstances forged leaders who shaped Missouri’s political and military history. Caught Between Three Fires, for the first time, reconstructs a lost history erased by total destruction, Order No. 11, and time’s purposeful neglect.

This history has been built on meticulous research, including four trips to the National Archives in Washington, D.C., investigating Civil War property claims. Focusing on families and communities, Caught Between Three Fires emerges from the diaries, letters, and oral histories of Cass County families.

Caught Between Three Fires was awarded the 2011 Publication Award by the Cass County Historical Society and was nominated for the Missouri State History Book Award.

Caught Between Three Fires contains 568 pages plus a full “Appendix.”  Brian Hawkins, a Harrisonville artist, brings the story to life with 10 original charcoal pictures.

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